Kevin Costner wanted to buy his first movie and throw it away forever. 

We've all made mistakes that we regret. However, one of the numerous ways that we are different from Kevin Costner is that in our situation,  

a camera wasn't present. It turns out that Costner wanted to remove his very first film from circulation because he detested it so much. 

Definitely an extreme approach.Kevin Costner played a stable owner in the film Malibu Hot Summer,  

which is often referred to as Sizzle Beach, USA. He developed a romantic relationship with one ,

of the women who rented a beach house in California. Although it was shot in the late 1970s, 

it wasn't released until 1986, by which time Costner was prepared to release some of his best-known films. 

The New York Daily News claims that while Costner was getting ready to film The Untouchables, 

one of his greatest thriller films, he attempted to purchase the rights to Malibu Hot Summer. He "hoped to host a barbecue where he’d burn its negative," the article said. Cruel.

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