Kevin Costner Explains His Decision to Leave Yellowstone

The actor made the decision to leave the popular program after a "long, hard-fought negotiation"

over the air date and receiving "less money than previous seasons."

Kevin Costner's departure from the popular series Yellowstone, which will conclude after season 5, has sparked rumors as to why the actor would make such a decision.

In court last week, Costner provided more information on his pending divorce

From wife Christine Baumgartner, including the causes that contributed to his decision to leave the program.

The decision to divide season five into two parts, necessitating two distinct production schedules before the season could be finished,

Was one of the contributing causes, according to Costner. The four-film Civil War tale Horizon, which he is writing,

Hard-fought negotiation" over the choice. Costner said that although he had adjusted his Horizon schedule to allow for Yellowstone season 5's first half

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