Kelly Clarkson shows off her legs in a provocative outfit while losing weight.

Kelly Clarkson, 41, is undergoing a remarkable personal and physical metamorphosis.  

This Monday, the famed American Idol graduate exhibited not just her musical prowess 

but also her miraculous weight loss journey on her talk program. 

Kelly showed off her toned legs in a sophisticated brown-and-white polka dot dress with a front split 

complimented by high heels and a fresh hairdo featuring long blonde locks with wispy bangs. 

Kelly's metamorphosis follows her difficult divorce from Brandon Blackstock, with whom she had two children. 

Kelly's strength is visible in her improved confidence and composure, despite the difficult trip.  

Her followers have taken notice as well, with one commenting on her Instagram image with a SpongeBob SquarePants meme showcasing toned legs 

and another from Los Angeles saying, "Great legs! Her appearance has never been better." 

Kelly's show featured a touching session with her long-time music industry buddy, Garth Brooks. 

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