Keeler: Deion Sanders’ son Shilo Sanders is hurting CU Buffs more than opponents by trying for viral hit

BOULDER — A quarterback's eyes can be read by Shilo Sanders all the way down to the smallest retinal vein. Could he just read a room, please?

The safety for the CU Buffs, who is also the son of coach Deion Sanders, responded to a question regarding his targeting call in the first half and

subsequent ejection against UCLA last weekend by saying, "I am not really changing.""No, 

 I am not stopping; I am still moving quickly and hard. I am going to drop a little if I find myself in that circumstance once more.

 I will not, however, alter my playing style. I will still be physically active and will still sprint to the ball.

And I will be the one to enforce it. I will inform all that the "Headache Gang" is, in fact, real.

Alerting the public to the Buffs' secondary's demise should raise concerns in this era of concussions, CTE, and player safety. Sounds like a really

On Saturday night on ESPN, Sanders' team (4-4) takes on No. 19 Oregon State (6-2). "NCAA, you do something about everything else," Sanders said. "Take action on this one."

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