Katy Perry's Decade-Long Fight for a $15 Million California Mansion 

Pop sensation Katy Perry says, "I know a place, where the grass is really greener," in her 2010 smash song "California Gurls." 

That appeared to be the case on a November morning in Santa Barbara, California, Perry's hometown. 

The murmur of the fountains filled the almost two acres of this gated mansion in the sought-after community of Montecito. 

A vast lawn surrounded by rosebushes and lime trees. The expansive, circa-1930 home was surrounded by verdant mountains, 

and through a crack in the tall hedges that surrounded the property, one could view the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. 

This remote $15 million home has been the focus of a fierce court dispute between two powerful and affluent individuals for the last three years about who gets to live there. 

Perry, the singer and judge of "American Idol," who recently sold the rights to her music collection, 

is attempting to grab the property from Carl Westcott, the 84-year-old auto dealership and communications industry billionaire, 

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