Joe Rogan's major choice

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Even with all of the adjustments that Spotify has undergone in the last 12 months, more are still to come. 

 The company's three-year podcast agreements are up for renewal, and Spotify's decision about them might have a significant impact on the whole industry. 

The first, largest, and most significant Joe Rogan Experience will come to an end in 2024. 

After talking (primarily on the record, but a few brave individuals spoke on the record) with podcasters, producers, analysts, agents, and executives, I examine how the Spotify / Rogan partnership may develop today. 

To be clear, this is only a mental exercise. The management of Rogan did not respond to my messages, and Spotify said it would not comment on the talks. My interactions with Rogan have revealed that,

in spite of his problems, the podcast division of Spotify views him as an essential component. It would be a severe hit to Spotify's podcasting editorial department if he left or—less likely—if the business decided not to renew. 

Spotify will be in a better position to restore, or at least retain, its podcast arm if they reach an agreement. If Rogan moves to a different platform, he may become something of a kingmaker. Additionally, he would have no problem luring talent, sponsors, and listeners to his new network.

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