Jerry Jones's remarks on the Cowboys vs. Eagles game stunned Dak Prescott.

When it comes to talking about the highs and lows of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones never holds back. 

Additionally, he has never hesitated to douse the flames with gasoline before a crucial match.

 However, he chose to take a completely different path for his team's Week 9 game against the rival Eagles

one that caught quarterback Dak Prescott off guard.

In an attempt to avoid "poking the bear," Jones talked briefly about the next game against Philadelphia after Dallas defeated the Rams 43–20 in Week 8.

"Let's take it all in. Regarding the Cowboys game against the Eagles, Jones stated, "I don't want to do anything to poke the bear," 

Not only did fans and pundits find the approach surprising, but even Prescott acknowledged he was taken aback by Jones' statement.

Prescott's "eyebrows raised," as Machota described, upon hearing the remark.

Then, in a move that highlighted the Cowboys' degree of confidence going into the game, Prescott chose to assume the position of an articulate and assured leader.

Prior to the crucial game between the 7-1 Eagles and 5-2 Cowboys, Jones and Prescott basically switched roles.

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