Jennifer Lopez's New Beso Balm Lip Mask from JLo Beauty Will Up Your Lip Care Game (Exclusive)

The creator of JLo Beauty claims to have finally developed the formula that will put an end to her hunt for the ideal lip balm after more than a year of work. Here's why 

Jennifer Lopez is kicking off the Christmas season with a brand-new culinary-inspired lip balm. 

The Beso Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Mask ($19), which plumps, smoothes, and conditions lips, was unveiled by JLo Beauty creator on November 2. 

Launching was the star's logical next move, since lip care is one of her ultimate "must-haves." 

Everybody has a few go-to items that they use frequently during the day. And for me, that's a lip balm," Lopez exclusively tells PEOPLE. 

"It's actually the product you keep by your bedside table and toss in your luggage. At night, while I'm getting ready for bed, I usually finish with applying 

my makeup or washing my face. I therefore thought, "We need a great lip balm," after developing the skincare line. That's what's lacking, according to Lopez. 

This isn't your typical lip balm, though, since Lopez pours her heart into everything she does. 

"I wasn't willing to compromise on this formula because this is meant to be the end of my search for the perfect lip balm," she explains. For me, the texture was crucial. 

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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