Jennifer Lopez, 54, Wears A Figure-Hugging Date Night Dress With Ben Affleck

Whatever miracle concoction Jennifer Lopez has been consuming to keep her youthful appearance piques our curiosity. The singer and actress stunned  

her admirers with her latest trick, wowing them with a figure-hugging green date night dress. The 54-year-old mother of two shared two gorgeous pictures 

of herself with the comment, "Date night." In the pictures, she was posing in different positions and showing off her incredibly toned body to her followers. 

J. Lo recently discussed Beso Balm, her "dream balm," in an interview with Vogue. It's billed as a smooth, plumping, ultra-hydrating lip treatment  

that would give users "kissable, PDA-ready lips." After many paparazzi shots of her and husband Ben Affleck piling on the PDA, we're positive her new cosmetic product 

lives up to the hype! However, the "On The Floor" icon revealed later in the conversation how her spouse has assisted her in altering her perspective on what it means to genuinely feel gorgeous. 

Pia Miller's 40th birthday celebration in Los Angeles was attended by Ben Affleck and J.Lo. The 'Waiting For Tonight' singer took off the outer layer to reveal a vivid lime-green dress 

despite the fact that they had first appeared to be wearing identical black and white outfits—Affleck in a timeless velvet suit and Lopez in a chic white wrap coat. 

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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