Jenna Ortega's Wednesday makeover: No assistance from OG Addams! 

Without consulting Christina Ricci, Jenna Ortega jumps into the legendary role of  ,

Wednesday Addams and creates a distinctive version for the popular Netflix series.

Jenna Ortega has reinvented the iconic Wednesday Addams for a new age on Netflix with a remarkable interpretation that spans decades of pop culture,  

leaving echoes that go back to Christina Ricci's original performance. Ortega's Wednesday, 

a work of bright nostalgia with a modern twist, is proof of the Addams family's enduring legacy. 

During the production of Netflix's "Wednesday," Jenna Ortega defied Christina Ricci's advise in a move that can only be characterized as a baton pass across the specters of time. 

She wanted to make sure her performance was a unique voice rather than just an echo. 

Although Ortega has taken on a character that Ricci made immortal, she told Emma Myers for MTV News with audacity, 

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