Jeezy reveals traveling and living in Japan as a kid motivated him to get out the hood

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Jeezy, while in conversation with Detavio Samuels at REVOLT WORLD, openly shared insights about his childhood experiences and how they influenced his life.  

Growing up in an underserved community in Atlanta, Jeezy's early life was shaped by a diverse range of experiences.  

His father’s military service allowed him to travel extensively, including living in Japan, which broadened his view of the world at a young age 

In his discussion with Samuels, Jeezy revealed that his childhood was a mix of experiences.  

His exposure to different cultures and settings like Japan and Hawaii at a young age set him apart,  

providing a unique perspective that differed from the environment he encountered upon returning to the 'hood' after his parents' separation.  

He expressed the contrast between his experiences—eating with chopsticks abroad and then readjusting to life in his original community. 

Jeezy acknowledged the challenges of being a minority in a foreign country and feeling like a "fish out of water. 

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