James Harden Faces Fan Backlash as Potential Game-Tying Shot Falls Short. 

Harden's Clippers stint starts rocky at 0–4, marked by a late-game airball in Sunday's loss to the Grizzlies. 

Since joining the Clippers, Harden's impact has been underwhelming, with the team yet to secure a win in four games. 

Harden's struggles highlighted in a brutal airball during the Clippers' loss to the Grizzlies, sealing their 0–4 start. 

Fans criticize Harden's fit with the Clippers, emphasizing his poor performance and the team's winless streak. 

The Clippers' woes continue as they fall to the Grizzlies 105–101, securing only the second win for Memphis this season.

In Sunday's defeat, Harden manages just 11 points, contributing to his overall subpar performance since joining the Clippers. 

Harden's scoring average drops to 14.3 points per game, a stark contrast to his earlier expectations upon joining Los Angeles. 

Despite Harden's assertion that he's not a system player, the Clippers seem to struggle to integrate him into their system. 

The much-anticipated arrival of Harden in Los Angeles hasn't lived up to expectations, with the team yet to find success. 

 The Clippers' 0–4 start raises questions about the effectiveness of the system with Harden and prompts scrutiny from fans and media alike.

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