James Harden describes his status in Philadelphia as 'like being on a leash': 'I am a system, not a system player.'

James Harden had a reasonably successful season with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2022-23.

He did, however, average the fewest points per game (21) and had the lowest usage rate (25%) since becoming a full-time starter in 2012-13.

Harden received his wish on Tuesday, and during his first news conference in Philadelphia on Thursday, he compared his role to "being on a leash."

It's Joel who is facilitating and scoring the basketball. I never had the opportunity either."

In 2019, Harden became just the second player in NBA history to post a usage rate above 40%.

Russell Westbrook, his former teammate who had a 41.3% usage rate in 2016-17.

He was having his best 3-point shooting season of his career. He was averaging plus-twenty and was not selected for the All-Star team.

If Harden expects to entirely dominate the Clippers offense, he's in for a difficult trip in L.A.