Jack Black Revealed His Tighty Whities For Taylor Swift's 'Anti-Hero' Charity Cover

Jack Black has never met a clothing he couldn't get rid of. The Tenacious D frontman and comic whirlwind stripped naked again on Wednesday night (Oct. 25),

but this time for a good cause. Black stripped down to his colorful boxers (and matching socks) at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles 

for the all-star Give Back-ular Spectacular fundraiser to benefit SAG-AFTRA members affected by the actors strike, which has now lasted more than 100 days.

After some minor crowd manipulation — Black asked a person in the audience where he was from, and he responded "L.A.

 the comedian asked the audience what they wanted to hear. After rejecting the first suggestion ("can't do that one, we're on strike")

 Black appeared to accept a second. "I recognize that one!" That f—ing tune is well-known!"

Then Black ripped into Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero," tip-toeing and high-kicking his way through the "It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me"

 chorus before diving into, well, a succession of meaningless scatty phrases because he plainly didn't know any of the other words.

Jason Alexander, Rachel Bloom, Bryan Cranston, Lil Dicky, Kumail Nanjiani, Patton Oswalt, Dax Shepard, Lily Tomlin,

and The Bear star Jeremy Allen White were among those scheduled to appear at the event to raise funds for an emergency 

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