Ja Morant Sends Message Including New Photos

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is ready for a major comeback 

While many fans are excited to see Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant return from his 25-game suspension, many others are skeptical. Morant took a lot of flak after his initial gun video incident,  

but many put it up to a young athlete making a rookie error. When it happened again, many of the same people were skeptical that the star point guard was genuine about changing his ways. 

This is where the Morant issue now stands, for better or worse; yet, the Grizzlies star appears poised to make his return. 

Morant sent a message with the shirts he was wearing in a recent series of images by photographer Shot By Nie: 

Morant gave a strong statement while wearing three separate shirts that said appreciation, rebirth, and accountability.  

The Grizzlies star hasn't been particularly active on social media since his second gun video incident, but this was a wonderful way for him to demonstrate that he's focused on three crucial things: appreciation, rebirth, and accountability. 

As previously said, Morant has a large number of supporters eager to welcome him back, even if many others are doubtful. Many NBA players, including those who have been harshly critical of him, have expressed their support for Morant.  

Morant has a fantastic chance to make a spectacular recovery next season with those guys around him, and he appears to be focused on three key areas. 

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