Ja Morant is preparing for his return in December by "pushing every button possible."

In order to get ready for his comeback, Morant, who can play again on December 19 against New Orleans, has been rehearsing and collaborating closely with the team.

AP/LOS ANGELES: The Memphis Grizzlies, who are currently 1-8 in the NBA, could certainly use Ja Morant in the starting lineup

But they'll have to hold out until the middle of December.

The 25-game suspension for the two-time All-Star guard is scheduled to expire at that point.

During Grizzlies games, Morant is not allowed inside the arena, but he spends the rest of the time with the team.

Before Sunday's game against the Clippers, coach Taylor Jenkins stated, "He's fully involved in practices, film sessions, individual workouts, team dinners, and the social things that they're doing in the hotel room after games."

The league fined Morant for twice posting videos of himself brandishing a gun on social media. After a video surfaced in March, he was initially suspended for eight games

Jenkins remarked, "He's had a really positive attitude throughout this." "I understand that his absence from the team can be upsetting for him. We are aware of the situation.

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