Is the plot of Tom Cruise's film "American Made" true? 

Tom Cruise is a hitmaker everywhere he goes, which is why his 2017 movie American Made shot to the top of Netflix's list of films.  

with this entertaining action movie that went unnoticed during its theatrical run, Doug Liman directs Barry Seal (Cruise), 

a TWA pilot who finds himself enmeshed with CIA spies and Columbia drug dealers.Now that American Made has gained a wider following, 

we thought it would be appropriate to address the most pressing query after the movie: Is it based on a true story? 

Kinda is the response. American Made is "loosely based" on the life of Seal, a well-known drug runner out of Baton Rouge, 

according to WBRZ in Louisiana. However, the movie presents a far more glitzy image of its subject, 

according to a former WBRZ investigative reporter who was close to Seal.John Camp chuckled as he told WBRZ,  

"There's no physical similarity between Tom Cruise and Barry Seal." "Cruise did manage to capture a small amount of Barry's smile and possibly some of his conceit, which ultimately led to his demise."

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