Introduce a Replacement or New Character:To fill the void left by Logan Paul, WWE could introduce a new character or bring in a replacement with a similar or contrasting persona. This new addition could bring fresh dynamics to storylines and maintain fan interest. 

Retirement from Boxing:Logan Paul recently announced his retirement from boxing, citing a lack of financial incentive. This decision has shifted his focus to a full-time career in WWE. 

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Recent WWE Success:Paul has quickly made a mark in WWE, winning the United States Championship by defeating Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Special Attraction Status:Currently, Paul is booked as a special attraction with crossover appeal, making sporadic appearances to maintain his unique status in the WWE landscape. 

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Potential Full-Time Wrestling:The dilemma for Triple H is whether to continue booking Paul sporadically or transition him into a full-time wrestling role. This decision could impact Paul's special attraction status. 

Ronda Rousey Comparison:The article draws parallels with Ronda Rousey's WWE journey, emphasizing the cautionary tale of Rousey losing her special aura when she transitioned to a full-time schedule. 

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Overexposure Risks:The piece highlights the risk of overexposing Paul if he wrestles too frequently, potentially diminishing his appeal and impact as a special attraction. 

Successful Part-Time Model:The success of Paul's current part-time status is acknowledged, and the article expresses curiosity about how a potential Rousey-like full-time schedule might affect his trajectory. 

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Future Intrigue:The article concludes by expressing curiosity about the future of Paul's WWE career, pondering how the balance between part-time and full-time appearances will shape his legacy in the wrestling world. 

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