Interior Design Projections for 2024

The pandemic has reshaped our relationship with our homes, prompting changes in functionality and layout. 

The rise of remote work has led to the redesign of rooms, emphasizing multi-functionality and comfort. 

Dedicated spaces for Zoom calls and relaxation have resulted in significant layout changes. 

Outdoor rooms are in high demand, particularly in warmer climates where people have relocated. 

The open-plan layout remains a staple, but there's a shift towards hybrid designs with both multipurpose and function-specific spaces. 

In the kitchen, island dining is less desired, and there's a trend toward carefully considering the size and adjacency of daily dining spaces. 

Walled-off living rooms are becoming more prevalent, challenging the idea that watching TV and food prep should happen in the same location. 

Historic homes embrace separated spaces, moving away from the 2000s trend of demolishing internal walls, while modern buildings face challenges with large glass expanses prioritizing light over walls. 

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