Indiana Jones 5, Percy Jackson, and Marvel's What If Season 2 will be available on Disney Plus in December 2023.

As we approach the end of the year, Disney+ announces its upcoming content schedule for the month of December.

Beginning on December 1, viewers can look forward to a slate of titles that will debut throughout the rest of the year.

On December 1, Disney+ will receive a significant release: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which could be Harrison Ford's final adventure as the iconic character.

Much has been written about the sequel's financial struggles, but it's a solid return to form, blending one-liners, thrilling action, and profound philosophical exploration. 

On the same day, Disney+ will release the documentary Timeless Heroes: Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford, which will provide a more in-depth look at the franchise. For a sneak peek, watch the documentary trailer below.

The first two episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians will air on December 20. 

The series adaptation of the popular fantasy novels "tells the fantastical story of a 12-year-old modern demigod, Percy Jackson.

who is just coming to terms with his newfound supernatural powers when the sky god Zeus accuses him of stealing his master lightning bolt." Now Percy must travel across America to find it and restore order to Olympus."

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