In the Vikings' SNF loss to the Broncos, Josh Dobbs creates NFL history.

Josh Dobbs broke a Vikings record by scoring both a passing and rushing touchdown in each of his first three games with the team. 

Before Dobbs, Daunte Culpepper held the record for this achievement in Vikings history, accomplishing it in the 2002 season. 

Dobbs continued his impressive streak in his fourth game with the Vikings, making it four consecutive outings with both a passing and rushing touchdown. 

The NFL record for this feat in the Super Bowl era is five games, held by Justin Fields, Kyler Murray, and Michael Vick. 

Despite Dobbs' stellar performance, the Vikings lost to the Broncos on Sunday Night Football. 

Dobbs did have a fumble and threw his first interception with the Vikings, totaling four turnovers in three games. 

The Vikings' loss to the Broncos ended their undefeated streak since acquiring Dobbs. 

Dobbs has the opportunity to tie the all-time record in the next game against the Bears if he throws and runs for a touchdown. 

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