In his own words, Elon Musk's 'everything app' concept for X.

What is now known as X is on its way to become "a single application that encompasses everything," he recently informed employees. Being known as the "digital town square,"

Twitter, as he has previously described it, is insufficient. In Musk's opinion, for X to thrive, it must compete with YouTube, LinkedIn, FaceTime, dating applications, and the entire banking system.

"We're rapidly transforming the company from what it was, Twitter 1.0, to the everything app," Musk said on October 26th at an internal X meeting.

The Verge listened to it and has published a complete transcript here. The gathering was planned to commemorate

Musk's official purchase of Twitter for $44 billion, and it was his first combined all-hands meeting with Linda Yaccarino, who took over as CEO in May.

During the 45-minute call, Musk, who still oversees X's product and engineering teams, did the majority of the talking.

While the purpose of the all-hands meeting was to answer questions submitted in advance by employees, he instead used the opportunity to lecture.

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