In actuality, Palpatine's immorality plotline makes perfect sense.

One of the most notable criticisms leveled at Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker in 2019 concerned Sheev Palpatine's somewhat haphazard entry to the franchise. 

The return of Ian McDiarmid's commanding villain to the big screen was nearly anticlimactic

despite the excitement of many fans who had been waiting for this major plot twist to be revealed in the previous trilogy of sequel films. 

Even though the absence of coherence in the second trilogy may be its lone fatal weakness

it is legitimate to argue against it overall. 

However, Palpatine's epic evasion of death has long been foreshadowed by the Star Wars canon as a whole.

Death has been a constant presence in the lives of Star Wars characters since the beginning of the franchise.

 It is the central theme of Luke's quest, the cornerstone upon which the Galactic Empire was built

and its significance only increases throughout the trilogy. 

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