In a private letter, Colin Kaepernick makes an unusual request to the New York Jets.

In a private letter shared on Tuesday (with Kaepernick's permission) by friend and rapper J. Cole.

The former Super Bowl quarterback asked the New York Jets if he could join the practice squad. (Please read the entire note below.)

"I would be honored and deeply grateful." "I would do this solely for the purpose of getting your defense ready each week," he wrote.

"If I were able to fill this role for the team, I believe this allows for multiple things."

Kaepernick wrote that he could help the Jets prepare for mobile quarterbacks during a difficult stretch that includes a game against the defending champion Kansas City on Sunday.

It would also provide the team with a clearer picture of Kaepernick's abilities in the face of lingering doubts.

Unfortunately for Kaepernick, on Tuesday the Jets signed NFL veteran Trevor Siemian to the practice squad. 

As the Jets' quarterback situation worsens, it is expected that Siemian will be given a chance to make the active roster.

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