I'm an interiors editor – these are my favorite picks from Kelly Clarkson's collection to shop during Way Day

As an interiors writer, the collaboration between an A-Lister and a decor powerhouse is a thrilling prospect, especially when their collection becomes available for purchase. 

Kelly Clarkson's recent collaboration with Wayfair has certainly created a buzz, and the Way Day sale has become a highly anticipated event.  

This sale presented an exciting opportunity to explore and indulge in the offerings from Kelly's collection 

My team and I dedicated ample time to peruse Kelly's fall collection online, an activity crucial for our work but bordering, some might argue, on mere procrastination. 

However, the chance to engage in online shopping during Way Day was both enjoyable and essential for our work.  

Kelly, sharing her insights on Instagram, mentioned, 'I've handpicked every piece, and I think you’ll love the style – 

French-country with a modern twist – just as much as I do.' I can certainly confirm that her collection lives up to its promise. 

Describe the selected items from Kelly's collection, highlighting their distinctive features, unique designs, and any special aspects that make them noteworthy.  

Discuss their appeal, quality, and how they align with the French-country with a modern twist theme mentioned by Kelly.  

Provide details about the pieces, such as furniture, decor, or any exclusive elements that stand out.

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