If someone uses these 10 trick phrases, they’re trying to subtly undermine you

"I’m just saying…" - This phrase is often used to preface a potentially critical or undermining statement, making the speaker's words appear less harsh or offensive. 

"You're too sensitive." - This phrase dismisses the other person's feelings or reactions, implying that their emotions are not justified, thus undermining their perspective. 

That’s not what I meant." - Often used after a potentially offensive or critical comment, this phrase can imply that the recipient has misunderstood, subtly shifting the blame or intent away from the speaker. 

You always…" or "You never…" - These absolutes are often exaggerated and used to generalize someone’s behavior or actions, which might not be accurate and can undermine their efforts. 

"Don’t take this the wrong way, but…" - It's a precursor to potentially offensive remarks, trying to soften the blow of what follows, but can still come across as undermining. 

"With all due respect…" - This phrase might precede a statement that's disrespectful or dismissive, subtly negating the respect it claims to convey. 

"I thought you knew…" - This phrase can be used to imply the other person’s ignorance or lack of information, subtly undermining their knowledge or capability. 

"That’s an interesting perspective." - It might be used to subtly suggest disagreement or dismiss an idea without directly engaging with it, undermining the validity of the viewpoint. 

"You’re almost there!" - While seemingly encouraging, this phrase might imply that the person hasn’t quite reached the expected level, subtly undermining their progress. 

It’s not that hard." - While it might sound like encouragement, it can imply that the task is straightforward and should have been easily accomplished, inadvertently undermining the person’s efforts or capabilities.

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