Hurricane named "Nightmare Scenario" pummels the western coast of Mexico

As one of the strongest Category 5 hurricanes to hit the area, Hurricane Otis surprised forecasts by exploding onto the southwest coast of Mexico early on Wednesday. One expert referred to the storm as a "horror scenario" for a major tourist destination.

At first, not many meteorologists predicted that the tropical storm would strengthen into a devastating hurricane.

Forecasters thought the storm would be at worst a minor hurricane because most models failed to indicate that it would intensify over the Pacific Ocean.

However, it quickly became stronger, and by Tuesday night, Mexican authorities and forecasters were scrambling to alert locals about the storm's potential devastation.

At one in the morning on Wednesday, local time, the storm made landfall, causing over half a million people to lose power and causing intense rain, floods, and mudslides in the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca.

With persistent gusts of 165 mph, the storm hit the coast; the day before, Otis had delivered winds of 65 mph.

The renowned tourist destination of Acapulco, a huge port city with over 852,000 residents that the National Hurricane Centre said was in "an very catastrophic position," had virtually no communication. 

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