How to Assist Birds During Cold Winter Weather

Birds must adjust to their environment in order to survive, regardless of the temperature or type of precipitation. Here are some winter bird-friendly activities you can do on chilly days.

Birds have to eat first thing in the morning on chilly winter days because they have burned through their energy stores to stay warm during the night.

Provide Food Earlier to Aid Winter Birds

Birds have a hard time finding water once lakes and rivers freeze over. In extremely cold weather, a heated bird bath may be the most important item you put outside.

Provide Fresh Water

Give birds a winter escape route from the chilly wind. You can construct anything, even a basic stick pile in your yard's corner, or you can construct bird roosting boxes.

Provide Wind Shelter for Birds

Birds are more likely to survive the winter if they can accumulate energy quickly. Suet, peanuts, and sunflower chips are all excellent choices. 

Present Foods High in Energy

To aid birds during the winter, keep bird feeders stocked with grain. Just before dusk, give your birds access to full feeders to give them an extra energy boost.

Late in the day, replenish feeders

Many different species find it uncomfortable to visit conventional bird feeders. 

Employ a Platform or Ground Feeder

Winter seed-eating birds like goldfinches can benefit greatly from the fuel and shelter that certain plants can provide if they are not pruned back after the growing season. 

Keep Plants Bearing Seeds Standing

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