How the "Yellowstone" prequel "1883" Accidentally Destroyed Its Future

Executives at Paramount+ don't regret accepting the Yellowstone project, if there is one thing.

With audience figures breaking new records every season, the Kevin Costner-led series not only turned out to be one of the streaming platform's tentpole series, but it also gave rise to very successful spin-offs. 

However, the architect of the Yellowstone universe misjudged its own potential. 

Director and screenwriter Taylor Sheridan admits that he made a grave error with one of the spin-offs, 1883, in a late-year interview with Deadline.

Regarding plot twists, viewers won't find the "mistake" problematic because, by the tenth and final episode of 1883.

they were treated to a dramatic conclusion in which every important character perished. 

Sheridan, however, discloses in the interview that the series' entire future was jeopardized during the scripting and filming of that finale. 

Sheridan believed that 1883 was a one-time event, while Paramount+ was already preparing for Season 2 and future growth:

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