How is currently doing Randy Travis? Health Update After Stroke and Brain Surgery

Legendary country music performer Randy Travis has had a big influence on the music business. 

 He is regarded as one of the greatest country singers of all time and has sold over 25 million records. He has also won numerous accolades.

In order to remove a blood clot, Travis had emergency brain surgery after suffering a stroke in 2013. He developed apraxia, a rare disorder that affects speech and communication, 

as a result of the stroke. Despite these obstacles, he has made great strides toward his recuperation and has been putting a lot of effort into regaining his speech and movement.

Randy Travis has received a great deal of physical therapy in an effort to restore his strength and range of motion. 

Along with this, he has been receiving therapy from speech therapists to help him recover his communication skills.

Travis has made progress, but he still has trouble speaking and frequently turns to a device for assistance. He still performs and creates music and is in good spirits in spite of these difficulties.

How is Randy Travis doing these days? He has recently made a number of public appearances, including one at the 2016 Country Music Awards. 

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