How Collin Sexton's role changed during the Jazz's victory over the Grizzlies

CLEARWATER, Utah — Collin Sexton would be there if you ever managed to go into the Utah Jazz practise facility early on the day of a game.

Ever since he joined the league, that has been his habit. He's at the gym by seven in the morning, practising, shooting, and getting ready for what's to come.

The reasoning is straightforward yet insightful. He believes he can outwork everyone since he is aware that he is neither the largest player in the league, not the best passer or shooter.

"I believe I work the most hours of everyone," Sexton remarked.

Before Wednesday's game, he had the sense that things were about to change for both of them because of all of his hard work and long hours spent in the gym.

However, he informed reporters he believed things were tight a little over an hour before the game; he may pursue fortune telling as a second job.

At the Delta Centre on Wednesday, Utah defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 133-109 in a decisive game in which Sexton exploded for 23 points and six assists. However, the guard hasn't had it easy after what he did on Wednesday.

Will Hardy, the Jazz coach, acknowledged that Sexton's life hasn't been simple.

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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