How Apple Captured Its 'Scary Fast' Event Video with an iPhone 15 Pro Max

The fact that Apple recorded the event video with an iPhone was one of the most important revelations made at the launch of new Macs with M3 CPUs.

Apple unveiled the new M3 processor series for Macs along with new MacBook Pros and iMacs on Monday during its Scary Fast event. But the title card that read,

"This event was shot on iPhone and edited on Mac," at the end of the presentation was what really grabbed my attention.

All of the presenters, locales, and even the drone footage were captured with an iPhone 15 Pro Max,

according to the fine print beneath the text. For product launch events,

Apple has replaced live presenters with expertly filmed and edited taped movies since 2020. However, this marks the first time Apple has released a keynote event video that was captured only on an iPhone.

Yes, Apple CEO Tim Cook and other execs were recorded introducing upgraded Macs on the same phone that you use to capture your kids playing around the house,concerts, or your adorable pets.

However, this was not the scenario when a gleeful Apple employee was holding their brand-new iPhone 15 Pro Max in landscape mode, filming, and assisting Cook in obtaining the optimal lighting.

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