Heiress of Chiefs Gracie Hunt's Crazy Halloween Costume Makes a Big Scene

The daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, Gracie Hunt, was determined to show off her Halloween ensemble.

After sharing her Halloween outfit on social media, the former Miss USA finalist is causing quite a stir.

"Even Halloween roads lead to Rome," she said as the caption for the photo, maintaining a classic look with her long white robe.

Gracie is the daughter of millionaire Clark Hunt, who owns the team that won the Super Bowl and recently defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in February. 

 She has over 409,000 Instagram followers and is constantly sharing pictures of her opulent lifestyle.

The Kansas City Chiefs lost 24-9 to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, snapping their 16-game winning streak against them.

The Chiefs were last defeated by the Broncos in 2015. The Chiefs were unable to score a touchdown during the game and were shut out in the second half.

Despite battling a sickness, Patrick Mahomes completed the day 23 for 37 for 232 yards and two interceptions.

Travis Kelce, a tight end, led the receiving group with six receptions for 58 yards.

Gracie Hunt, a Chiefs heir, caused a stir with her outrageous Halloween costume (pictures), which first appeared on Total Pro Sports.

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