Heartwarming Tribute to Matthew Perry: Courteney Cox Shares Unknown 'Friends' Backstory

Following Matthew Perry's sudden passing on October 28, his Friends co-stars did not post anything on social media right away.

Courteney Cox broke her quiet more than two weeks after Perry's passing by posting a heartfelt homage to her on-screen husband on Instagram. And Friends fans are giddy with emotion over her untold past.

In the cherished sitcom, the actress who portrayed Monica wrote, "I am so grateful for every moment I had with you Matty and I miss you every day," 

on Tuesday, Nov. 14. "When you work with someone as closely as I did with Matthew, there are thousands of moments I wish I could share."

Cox gave the history and a behind-the-scenes glimpse in a video clip she shared of one of her favourite Friends moments.

"It was intended for Chandler and Monica to have a quick get-together in London. But as a result of the audience's response, it turned into the start of their love tale," 

 she said. "He whispered a funny line for me to say in this scene before we started filming. That was something he did a lot. He was kind and hilarious.

When Chandler (Perry) is interrupted by Ross (David Schwimmer) in her hotel room, Chandler retorts, "Morning, Ross."

"I'm getting married—today!" Ross shouts.

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