Has some of Taylor Swift's success come from using mean girl behavior?

It has taken a while for me to write this post. I am responding to this query under pseudonym for several reasons: 

I do not want to accidentally become tabloid fodder, I do not want to take advantage of Taylor,

 I like my relatively normal life, and I think Taylor deserves to be anonymous. 

I do not think the public would benefit from knowing who is writing this, even though Taylor might be able to figure it out. 

She could definitely write me a letter and get back in touch at any time, if she so desired. She is free to decide to do that.

Taylor and I corresponded via MySpace for months before Taylor became well-known. 

 We shared similar views on life, sarcastic senses of humor, and similar musical tastes. We were also the same age

 Both of us were attempting to succeed in music and expand our fan bases. Each of us confided in the other. We had mutual trust. We had a continuous, 

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