Gigi Hadid 'Enjoys' Her Relationship With Bradley Cooper: 'She Finds Him More Mature'

According to a source, Hadid appreciates Cooper's parenthood because "he gets it."Gigi Hadid is having fun with Bradley Cooper.

They've been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks, and a source tells PEOPLE that Hadid "enjoys" dating him.

"Her daughter will always come first," according to the insider. "She appreciates the fact that Bradley is a father because he understands."

They continue to spend a lot of time together. They go out to supper many times a week. It brings her joy.

According to the insider, Hadid, 28, does not date "just to date," but instead dates Cooper because she "finds him interesting and attractive."

Hadid, the mother of Khai, was originally linked to Cooper, 48, in early October, when they were seen dining together at Via Carota

 in New York City's West Village before getting into the same SUV.

Days after their dinner date, the two were spotted in New York City together again, as Hadid traveled in the same car as Cooper, who was driving.

In October, a source told PEOPLE that the two had an attraction, though it was still early days.

"They both have children, large careers, and busy lives, so they understand what life is like in these circles." It's adorable...and there's an attraction."

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