From country to pop, 2014 nostalgia to 2023 reality — it’s time for Taylor Swift’s ‘1989'

AP/LOS ANGELES: The album that marked the beginning of the Taylor Swift era, "1989,"

 has been reimagined and is now available. It was recorded at the height of Swift's enormous pop culture dominance.The original "1989,"

which was released in 2014 and was named after her birth year, represented a sonic revolution.

Swift declared herself a pop superstar, eschewing the Nashville country influences of her first four studio albums.

 with five unreleased "vault" tracks that offer more hints about the artist Swift was back then, "

"1989 (Taylor's Version)," which drops this Friday, takes that Swift, who was then in her mid-20s, living in New York,

and ready to take on the world with an arsenal of '80s synth sounds and a new producer named Jack Antonoff.

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