Francis Lawrence remarks, "We Have Control," alluding to a Keanu Reeves-starring "Constantine" sequel. 

According to Francis Lawrence's update, work on Constantine 2, starring Keanu Reeves, is progressing as planned.The writers' strike put a stop to the 2005 superhero horror movie's sequel, 

but now that they are back at work, Lawrence and Reeves have been meeting to finish the story."The writers strike clearly caused a delay for Constantine 2," 

Lawrence stated to Gamespot. "And because other people controlled the Vertigo stuff, 

we had to overcome a lot of obstacles to regain ownership over the character. We are in charge.Lawrence went on, 

"I'm really hoping that we get to do Constantine 2, and make a real rated R version of it.  

Keanu and Akiva Goldsman and I have been in meetings and have been hashing out what we think the story is going to be,  

and there’s more meetings of those that have to happen–the script has to be written."Constantine is somewhat inspired by Hellblazer from DC Comics/Vertigo Comics. 

The script was written by Frank Cappello and Kevin Brodbin from a tale by Brodbin. John Constantine, 

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