Former NBA Player Expresses Emotional Reaction to Son's Trade for James Harden

The Los Angeles Clippers included freshly acquired player KJ Martin in their James Harden trade package, sending the athletic wing to the Philadelphia 76ers after only three games.

Martin's father, Kenyon Martin Sr., expressed his emotional reaction to the trade during a live part of Gil's Arena.

"I have to break the news to the little ones who are always excited when KJ comes by." People don't grasp that," Martin explained.

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This element of the business might be difficult for spectators to grasp because, while they just see a player being assigned to a new team,

The familial dynamic is usually difficult. Martin saw playing for the Clippers as an opportunity to spend more time with his family.

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While the 76ers may wind up being a better basketball fit for him, the transition is always difficult.

As Kenyon Martin Sr. stated, he is pleased for his son to gain more playing time than he did in his first few games with the Clippers. With so many senior players ahead of him on the depth chart in Los Angeles,

This season, KJ was expected to play a minimal role. While it's unclear how much bigger that role will be in Philadelphia, or whether the 76ers want to send him somewhere, it's probable that this move will benefit KJ on the court.