Former Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott Workout Video Goes Viral

Ezekiel Elliott, who left the Cowboys, is working out with his trusted trainer Josh Hicks  

While he waits for a new team to invite him to sign with them. A video of this is on social media. 

Ezekiel Elliott is no longer working for the Dallas Cowboys because he was fired earlier in the summer. 

But the two-time NFL rushing champion still lives in the shadow of The Star, so it makes sense for him to work out here during the summer. 

Elliott is working out with his trusted trainer Josh Hicks while he waits to be asked to join a new team. 

The tape is on social media. Hicks has been working with Zeke on his speed over the past few offseasons,

But a critic might say that this video does not really show that. 

When you add it all up, Zeke was no longer going to be a $15 million running back. Still, the work goes on, sometimes in partner Dak Prescott's "Dak-Yard."  

Zeke is not a cowboy, and sadly, the deal is part of the business. And, it seems, so does the criticism of a Twitter Scouts movie about social media.  

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