Former Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott Workout Video Goes Viral

In a world where social media has become the primary platform for fans to get a sneak peek into their favorite athletes’ lives, Ezekiel Elliott, the former star running back of the Dallas Cowboys, is no exception.

Despite being released by the Cowboys earlier this offseason, Zeke continues to reside in the vicinity of the iconic “Star” at The Star, making it natural for him to conduct his offseason workouts nearby. 

These workouts have become a familiar sight for his fans, and they’ve once again gone viral on social media, eagerly followed by football enthusiasts and critics alike.

Ezekiel Elliott is getting ready for the offseason in full force while he waits to hear from a new team. 

Josh Hicks, a dependable trainer who has been an integral part of Zeke's offseason routine for the past few years, works with him on his workouts. 

Even though these workouts demonstrate his dedication, some detractors contend that Zeke's renowned agility is not shown in the most recent video. 

His performance has generated a flurry of opinions, with detractors analyzing his 2022 season statistics.

In his final season with the Cowboys, Elliott managed to score an impressive 12 touchdowns. However, the 2022 season saw a dip in his performance, with only 876 rushing yards and an average of 3.8 yards per carry, both being career-low figures.

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