For Marvel's Spider-Man 2's PS5 Trophies, Do Everything

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 appears to be a completionist's dream, like its predecessors.  

Famous developer Insomniac Games has revealed a partial list of Trophies for the upcoming release, likely excluding spoilers. 

The lesson is that you must accomplish almost everything to get Platinum. 

Awarding 100% completion of every district in the game, which may include missions, collectibles, and crimes. 

You must also buy all gadget upgrades, unlock all outfits, and complete combat missions as Peter Parker and Miles Morales. 

It seems simple, but you must do everything. 

Here is a short list of spoiler-free Trophies. After browsing, let us know if you'll get Platinum. 

It seems like a great one to unlock. 

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