Following the UCLA game, Colorado's locker room was broken into and thousands of goods were taken.

Following a dramatic event at the storied Rose Bowl, where jewelry was taken from Sanders and his players, multiple members of the Colorado football team reported that goods had been stolen from their locker room during their recent game versus UCLA. 

The loss of goods valued at several thousand dollars has made the situation a severe concern for the team and authorities.

This regrettable incident occurred during Colorado's 28-16 loss to UCLA in their game. The precise moment of the break-in is yet unknown. 

Colorado were shown expressing their disappointment about the post-game heist in a recent video that was made public by Well Off Media. Cam'Ron Silmon-Craig, a defensive back, 

Defensive lineman Amari McNeill and outside linebacker Derrick McLendon, who both reported lost things, are involved in this experience with Silmon-Craig. But the victims extended beyond the players. 

Darius Sanders, who is unrelated to head coach Deion Sanders and collaborates closely with the Colorado squad on their social media outreach, offered his own upsetting tale. " 

Thieves came into our locker room and stole several players' chains, several coaches' chains, and belongings," he said on his YouTube channel, Reach the People Media. They took several thousand dollars from my purse."

The event is still being looked into by the Pasadena Police Department. The City of Pasadena's public information officer, Lisa Derderian, acknowledged the continuing investigation. 

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