"Five Nights At Freddy’s Exceeds Expectations, Becomes Top Halloween Opener, Surpassing Puss In Boots; Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Hits $150 Million." 

With its latest predicted weekend box office projection, Five Nights At Freddy's has astonished everyone. Also, check out the dates for Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour! 

Halloween is still a few days away, but its impact is already being seen at the box office. Five Nights At Freddy's is now in North American theaters and has had a fantastic Friday,  

bringing in substantially higher weekend projections. Taylor Swift's Eras Tour will also reach a new milestone by the end of this Sunday. Continue reading to learn more!

Emma Tammi's latest horror film is an adaptation of a video game. It'll be terrifying all other releases in theaters ahead of Halloween (October 31st) at the latest. 

According to Deadline, Five Nights At Freddy's grossed an amazing $10.3 million on Thursday night previews. According to the latest predictions, the collection by Friday will exceed $34 million, 

raising the opening weekend expectations to $68 million at the North American box office, which is a great score.

Please keep in mind that Five Nights At Freddy's is being released in both theaters and on the Peacock streaming service at the same time. As a result, the figures projected over the weekend are fairly startling. 

The picture, which is currently playing in 3,675 theaters across North America, will have the largest opening weekend for a horror film this year, topping Scream 6's $44.4 million.

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