Filming for Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4 is anticipated to begin late in 2019. 

The end of the Writers Guild of America strikes could cause major delays in the creation and release of Spider-Man 4, 

possibly delaying it until late 2024 or even later.Although Tom Holland has not yet signed a contract for Spider-Man 4, 

it seems unlikely that he will be replaced given the popularity of the trilogy he starred in and his assimilation into the MCU. 

The film Spider-Man 4 may benefit from its delay in that it will have more room ,

to breathe and won't be too closely compared to the wildly popular Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

It will also have more creative license to tell an MCU-aligned plot. 

With the end of the WGA strike, Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4 may finally be allowed back into the writers' room. 

Fans will have to wait a lot longer for the movie to start shooting and be ready for distribution.

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