Fallout: Everything We Know About the Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Prime Video is releasing a TV series based on Bethesda's amazing post-apocalyptic video game, Fallout.

 With some strong star power, the show officially began filming in the summer of last year.

The narrative is now hidden away in a vault to prevent it from becoming overly famous, but we are certain that it will be a unique tale.

 Stars' YouTube videos and Instagram accounts give fans behind-the-scenes looks.

There is genuine excitement. 

Many followers also discover that they must shield others from the happiness that emanates from them.

In the weird parallel reality depicted in Fallout, the planet was destroyed by nuclear weapons following planet weapons II.

The foundation of all technology is the atomic age, whereas culture was stagnant in the 1950s. 

 Fallout contrasts the idealistic American way of life with the demolished nuclear wasteland that thought produced with an incredibly appropriate aesthetic. 

But in addition to an incredible experience, the Prime Video series promises a few particular things. Here's all we currently know about the TV series Fallout.

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