"Excommunicado" in the John Wick films: What It Really Means

In the world of John Wick, "Excommunicado" has a deeper connotation that relates to the fundamentals of the assassin network.

Although the phrase "excommunicado" and its antecedents have deeper connotations, their meaning is evident in John Wick on the surface.

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One of the best things about the John Wick series is how gradually it builds its environment. 

Beginning as a small-scale revenge tale in which John Wick exacts retribution on a local gang boss.

The series is able to gradually unveil more and more of the intricate nature of the assassin world with each new installment. 

The hidden meanings behind the rules and mechanisms become increasingly apparent as they go.

Only because of this amazing piece of worldbuilding does John Wick 2's "excommunicado" feel so significant.

By the end of the second movie, John Wick's universe has been so thoroughly developed that it is extremely dangerous to think that this machinery could turn against him. 

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