Even if Taylor Swift's Eras Tour benefitted the US economy this summer, she can't return.  

For the US economy, Taylor Swift's Summer is finished.Swift established herself as "an economic phenomenon,"  

although she is currently abroad.The economy needs SuperTaylor back now that some negative trends are emerging.  

The Summer of Taylor Swift is finished, which could spell trouble for the US economy,  

which is now under attack from a number of angles.Swift's "The Eras Tour" had a massive , 

and continuous economic impact after five months and 53 gigs. Think about the following:  

The tour is expected to generate $2.2 billion in North American ticket sales,  

according to data from the research firm QuestionPro that was exclusively made available to CNN.  

This is before the resale market, where fans are willing to pay thousands of dollars.  

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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