Erin Andrews's 'You Go Girl' response to her Halloween costume, Deion Sanders, comes from Coach Prime.

The Colorado Buffaloes coach's most recent Halloween trend 'Trick or Treat' lines near you will undoubtedly experience the 'Prime Effect'

This year, the Deion Sanders costume is expected to be a popular choice for Halloween across the nation. Over the weekend, Erin Andrews, 

a friend and coworker of Sanders, got into the act early. To celebrate, the NFL sideline reporter on FOX brought out her inner Prime.

Andrews participated in the Sunday Cowboys-Rams football broadcast from Dallas after snatching up some Colorado Buffaloes clothing.  

There's no better place to pay tribute to Sanders than in the city where he helped bring championships. "You go, girl!" was his social media response.

After returning home from the Rose Bowl, Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes take on No. 16 Oregon State this coming weekend. For them to be eligible for the bowl, they need to win two of their remaining four games. 

Approaching the last month of the season, it was an amazing achievement that many had doubted would be achievable.

After losing handily to Texas in the Alamo Bowl during the covid-shortened 2020 season, Colorado has not advanced to the postseason since then. After taking over a squad with just one loss, 

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