Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, decides a medical term is a "slur." 

Elon Musk embodies several attributes. Not-founder of Tesla, not-builder of the Hyperloop, and most lately,  

the guy who is screwing up Twitter pretty much in every way. That final role has been a lot of fun for him, as he has used his control of the website to push away sponsors and promote vile "documentaries." 

However, it appears that he has discovered a higher calling: arbitrary definitions of hate speech and harassment on the platform. 

In the past, this meant doing away with the company's rules prohibiting misgendering and making it permissible for users to harass transgender users on the website. 

He has now gone so far as to call the derogatory phrase "cisgender" "harassment," "a slur," 

and grounds for suspension.What is the meaning behind the terms "cis" and "cisgender" then? 

It begins with its antithesis, though. The term "transgender" was first used in a mid-1960s medical magazine, superseding earlier, 

less precise terminology. It was rapidly embraced by the transgender community and the medical community. 

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